Second Quarter 2017 Reflections

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Reflection helps you know what habits to keep and kick to the curb. So here I am, reflecting on my second-quarter goals:

  1. Paying off the Chase credit card.
  2. Sticking to cash envelopes.
  3. Blogging every week.
  4. Reading 9 more books.
  5. Finishing the CFG accountability program. And finishing strong!

How did I do?

1. Paying off the Chase credit card. This was a smashing success! Chase is gone, baby, gone!

  • On May 1, I had a balance of $812.89.
  • On May 3, I decided to devote a ton of side hustle money and money I’d saved for a trip to make an extra $285 payment.
  • On May 23, I made a $210 payment thanks to a direct deposit from another side hustle.
  • On May 31, I used a chunk of my paycheck to pay off the remaining $329.06.

It was such a relief to get rid of that 24.24% interest rate from a $1,000 cash advance I took out in September 2016. It helped pay for my China move. This money also helped me pay off about $500 I owed CarMax when I sold my 2013 Hyundai Accent back to them. Less than 12 hours after selling the car at CarMax, I was on the plane. Crazy!

Second Quarter 2017 Reflections - Wise Woman Wallet.png

2. Sticking to cash envelopes. This was a bust! I switched from cash envelopes to cash clips because my envelopes started to fray. Plus, it was becoming quite cumbersome to take money out and in of those things. Nevertheless, I didn’t stick to any kind of budget in June.

3. Blogging every week. I started strong in April. But, chile, May and June was a complete failure. I had a lot of things going on in June, especially. I did not stick to my plan to post a blog every Monday by 12 p.m. midnight EST.

4. Reading 9 more books. I read 7 out of 9 books. Not bad at all! I ended up tripling my goal in the first quarter, reading 3 books per month and thought lightning would strike again. Here’s the list of Q2’s good reads:

5. Finishing the CFG accountability program. And finishing strong!

I did it! July 8 is the actual finish date. Although I haven’t completed everything to a tee, the weekly exercises and No Spend Weeks have done wonders. They’ve created good habits and exposed me to different trains of thought. I’m set to do an interview with Bola of Clever Girl Finance soon about my experience. Can’t wait!

What else happened?

The second quarter was about searching for a new job in earnest. But, first, I wanted to earn a raise and promotion at my current job. My interview skills and brag binder were impressive, but not enough for me to earn the job. The company wants me to get more experience and mentorship under my belt.

A close friend was inspired by my brag binder and decided to apply for jobs. And she got an AWESOME gig! It’s tailor-made for her. She inspired me to put my search in overdrive.

I got four interviews and three job offers. Dorianne St. Fleur, a.k.a. Your Career Girl, was my saving grace. I enrolled in her inaugural group coaching program called Six Figure Status. She helped me determine my non-negotiables and provided scripts for  negotiations. I settled on one position in mid-June. I’m so excited to start in late August!

What I learned from the second quarter

  • Put yourself out there! Just apply yourself. I did that and was able to get a job I feel happy about.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s ok to veer off track, as long as you change directions swiftly.
  • Things always work out. My roommate left China in early May. That meant I have to pay the last three month’s rent by myself, doubling what I had budgeted. But thank heavens, my side gigs kept me more than afloat! I’ve been able to pay all of the rent and pay off several small debts back home. Amazing!

Overall, Q2 was meh. My Q3 goals include:

  • Paying off an undergrad loan.
  • Paying off the Old Navy credit card. (stretch goal)
  • Earning Band 4s on the three remaining TKT exams. (stretch goal)
  • Reading 6 more books.

How did your second quarter go? I’d love to celebrate your money wins.

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