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Non-Monetary Benefits of No-Spend Challenges

Often, people go into no-spend challenges, spending freezes or financial fasts just thinking about the money they’ll save. That’s definitely a huge component, but I’ve grown to love hitting the reset button on spending every so often because of these perks that don’t directly deal with money.

  1. Spending “shopping time” on other things—more important things. Money and time seem to multiply when you don’t shop.
  2. Greater appreciation of the little things. Free candy from a coworker or spending more time with family instead of at sales could make you ridiculously grateful when your wallet’s closed.
  3. Better differentiation between needs and wants. This is key for slaying debt. You gotta spend on things you truly need and value.
  4. Looser jeans. Eating home-cooked meals and rationing out meals to last a whole week (or however long you choose) can reduce your waistline.
  5. More self-control. That discipline muscle will get a workout. You’ll get better at telling yourself “No” and maybe get more strict with portion sizes to stretch meals.
  6. Cleaner pantry. It’s wise to use up what’s in your fridge and cabinets instead of wasting food, buying more groceries or eating out.
  7. More creativity. When you clear out your pantry, you end up mixing odd ingredients in stir fries or eating breakfast for dinner to use up your pancake mix.
  8. Less clutter. You have less stuff when you buy less stuff. Easier said than done sometimes, right?

Am I missing anything? What perks have you gotten from completing a no-spend challenge? Leave your comment below.

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